Ad Relevance No Longer has a Scale Problem.

Programmatic advertisers are discovering their unfair advantage.

Introducing Balihoo Micro-relevance.

Display & Social Advertising

By layering geographical relevance on top of other known audience attributes, such as age, gender, and lifestyle, Balihoo advertisers serve up “micro-relevant” ads to their target customers across all the popular networks.

Hyperlocal Paid Search

Using your own location data, our SEM platform generates complete AdWords campaigns that include elements and configurations unique to each individual query. By layering geographic, message, and daypart relevance, Balihoo users have seen up to an 83% increase in Conversions and a 60% decrease in Cost-Per-Lead.

Dynamic Creative

Apply a nearly-unlimited number of text and image dimensions to any campaign creative, resulting in micro-relevant ads that perform better than the original. Balihoo can even apply a brand’s 1st and 3rd party data feeds in near real-time, for advanced message relevance and targeting capabilities.

Self-Serve Software

Balihoo users spend 90% less time performing account setup and campaign maintenance, thereby sidestepping “administrative chores” that – when challenged with hundreds or thousands of localized campaigns – often becomes resource-prohibitive.