Driving the Last Mile of the Modern Customer Journey

All consumers are unique, and just like they have for centuries, they primarily search for products and services in their local markets. The Balihoo Solution provides cutting-edge paid search and display capabilities to national brands and their agencies, across verticals, to drive foot and phone traffic directly to the point of purchase.
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“The local websites we launched in conjunction with Balihoo has given us the ability to maintain a local brand presence online by leveraging our independent dealer’s physical locations and associating them in with our brand. We have seen phenomenal results with this effort and more importantly, we are getting leads directly to our dealer network faster than we ever have.”

Today’s consumers are reshaping the way they interact with brands across every touch point, and at every level. From national to local, it is imperative for leading national brands, like LiftMaster, to be front and center when and where their target consumer is searching for their products.