Giving Global Brands the Local Edge.

Balihoo redefines how national brands and agencies execute and scale data-driven paid search campaigns. At the core is innovation that cuts costs and increases performance through efficiency and proven local marketing strategies.
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Think Big. Execute Precisely.

That’s our mission at Balihoo. In today’s digital world – where everyone is plugged in, nearly all the time – search marketing is king. Balihoo understands its power for national brands and their agencies. As the premier provider of local paid search and display software, we marry technology with location data to dramatically increase efficiency of SEM teams servicing multi-location brands. Our users can easily measure tangible results across tens of thousands of global locations. That’s some pretty powerful stuff.

As for the Balihoo name? While we’ve taken a bit of liberty with its spelling, the word ballyhoo has to do with a big to-do. Something so compelling that it grabs you by the shoulders, gives you a good shake, and forces you take notice. And really, that’s what our local paid search software is all about. It’s designed to help national brands activate local Google Adwords campaigns that command attention and deliver results.

We couldn’t do what we do without our incredible Balihoo team. Our people are full of passion, drive and creativity. They’re the heart of our company and because of them, Balihoo is a great place to work and do business. We’ve been recognized by Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Forbes, Gartner, Inc. and The Idaho Business Review as one of the best places to work both in Idaho and the nation.

When you put technology and data together, amazing things can happen. The best part is, our people know how to put both to work in a way that makes things easy. Through the use of Balihoo software you can make a ballyhoo with your brand and reap the benefits: increased local demand, higher revenue and trackable results.

Awards & Recognition

2016 Outside Magazine Best Places to Work

2013 Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite

2013 Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite

2017 Best Places to Work in Idaho

Bicycle Friendly Business - Silver Award

Bicycle Friendly Business Silver Award